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fashion_punk's Journal

Fashion Victims Anonymous
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Hello, dahlings! Welcome to the meeting place of livejournal's most elite, most beautiful people...

Okay, maybe not quite. However, we certainly are the most fun and we do love fashion of all kinds. Be it high-fashion, urban style, thrift store chic or retro glamorous we love it all. And what we like more than that is talking about it. So, pull up a chair and join the party... Dahling. ;P

Now for the boring stuff...


1. Let's not go overboard with the cattiness, okay? I'm sure lots of diferrent people with lots of diferrent tastes will turn up here. While diferrences of opinion are welcome, try to play nice, okay peoples?

2. Online quizzes are okay, as long as they're somehow relavent to the community. However, if one person posts a "What kind of shoe are you?" quiz and you also want to find out if you're a high-heel or combat boot, please post your results in the form of a reply to the original post.

3. Pictures. Of course you can! If you got a new haircut or a new sweater etc. that you want to show the rest of us, please do post it. But if you have more than-- let's say two-- to show, please use a cut tag after the first pair of pictures. If the picture is big, also put it behind a cut. No nudity, please!! If you want to show us your pretty new bra, that's okay but keep them all behind a cut tag with a clear warning in case someone is at their office computer. Underwear shots, however, will be promptly deleted if you're obviously under 18.

4. I'm not a nazi about off-topicness, just try to keep it to a minimum.

5. Celebrity gossip is fun. ;)

The Magazine Exchange

This is something still in the idea-stage, but I'll put it here anyway. Sometimes certain fashion magazines are harder to find in some areas of the world then they are in others. Or sometimes they can be a bit pricey to those of us trying to be fabulous on a budget. So I was thinking that maybe we can start a magazine trade type thing. Instead of throwing your old mags away, you can trade them with someone else in the community for something you might want to read but don't yet have.

Participation in this would be, of course, optional. Some people are a little more apprehensive about giving out their address than others, so if you don't want to play you don't have to. You can e-mail your address privately to the person you're trading with, or post it here where it'll be kept as a members only entry.

To post an entry as "members only" just use the "friends only" option when posting here.

Address comments, questions, critisism and hate-mail to calamityjayne, the community's maintainer.

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